How to Prevent Muscle Knots from Forming

Muscle knots complication is a common phenomenon with many people even though only a few can tell what these muscle knots actually are. Muscle knots refer to the unusually uncomfortable bumps felt at various body joints such as the neck, hip, knee and low back joints. In normal circumstances, they cause pain accompanied by numbness, tingling or, at times, decreased sensation.

These knots are adhesive in nature in that they result from decreased space between muscle fibers that eventually cause body muscles to stick or glide on one another thus causing pain. The main cause of this adhesiveness is dehydration that may come as a result of too much coffee or alcohol, and reduced water intake.

Muscle knots are not just preventable; they can be removed once they have formed. This is done through a variety of ways such as increased water intake, lightening the backpack load and remedial massage. Normally, it is the work of a massage therapist to administer remedial massage, but with the correct massage training you could do it yourself.

Remedial message is one of the most reliable and effective means of preventing muscle knots from forming. This is done through various massage techniques meant for relaxing both superficial and deep tissues. It can be done simply by stroking, fold and hold or just straining and counterstaining the muscles in the body part of target such as client’s limbs and head.