The Key to Finding a Good Massage Oil

When choosing a massage oil, keep in mind that various oils are used for different purposes. Some oils are used to help relieve pain, and others help to relieve anxiety and tension. Also, each individual has a different skin type, so some oils may agree with your body more than others. Additionally, the massage oil should be chosen based upon the technique being used.

Low Friction Massage

Massaging techniques such as the “Swedish Massage”, or any other relaxing massages require heavier oils. These techniques require oils that will not be absorbed too quickly. Avocado oil or olive oil are great for providing a slippery barrier for a longer and more relaxing session.

High Friction Massage

Usually, any type of athletic or sports massage will be a high friction massage. This requires a lighter oil, which will provide more lubrication and allow the masseuse to move more freely without irritation of the skin. Examples of lighter oils would be jojoba oil or grapeseed oil. Certain types of creams may also be used for high friction massages.

Carrier oils and Essential oils

While you can purchase oils which are already made, you can also make your own at home. Usually massage oils consist of a base and something additional added such as essential oils. The carrier oil is the base; This can be coconut, avocado, or any oil which provides health benefits to the skin. By adding essential oils to a carrier oil (usually in a 4:1 ratio), you can further increase the health benefits of the oil. Additionally, some essential oils provide special benefits, such as Rosemary oil which helps to reduce cellulite.

Before choosing a massage oil, take the time to learn about their various uses and benefits. The right massage oil can make a world of difference by increasing the effectiveness and health benefits of the massage.